The Product

A beautiful old bag sitting on the floor. Every fold falls into place with a certain familiarity, and every crease tells a story. Its unique silhouette formed by years of general wear and a thousand untold journeys.

This one image – still etched on my mind – was the inspiration for creating my own collection of leather goods. Products that are elegant yet timeless, amazingly soft yet incredibly tough, and above all, have an iconic silhouette.

The entire collection has been created in classic shapes such as The Briefcase, The Sports, and the ubiquitous Tote. The lining in each – Royal Blue (said to have been invented by millers to the wife of King George III of England) – is the signature colour of the brand. Prestigious and masculine, it also has a practical purpose in that it provides a contrasting interior, making it easy to find your belongings.

But it’s not only about the beginnings, it’s also about the endings. That’s why each product has been finished with high-quality details such as the small front pocket, hand-selected metal zips, and antique silver-coloured accessories.

Craftsmanship & Leather

All products are made in Italy, the leather used is tanned in the Netherlands.

The products are made in a small atelier in the north of Italy, home to the shoe and leather industry. Each piece is assembled individually by skilled artisans who have been trained and raised in the leather trade, and who use classic tools and techniques.

At VANDORST 1968 we use only the finest hides in our products. We have exclusively sourced them from distinguished suppliers in central Europe and treat them at one of the only remaining Dutch tanneries still in existence.

To finish the ‘crust’, we use only water-based aniline and pigments. This bestows our products with a natural look and feel, whilst retaining the original grain of the leather to ensure it keeps its unique open structure. It therefore will age beautifully over time like a new denim will.

The leather is a natural product and not printed with a fabricated structure. What you see is what you get – including its natural ‘imperfections’ which, in fact, make it perfect. Stains, patina and scratches belong to the normal wear and tear of the product. It is easy to make perfect again by massaging the leather with your hands or use a hair dryer.

Product ingredients

Only the best materials are used in VANDORST 1968 products. The leather, the antique silver-colored accessories, the brushed cotton lining, and the straps are all of the highest quality and have been exclusively sourced from suppliers whose histories are steeped in the leather trade.

  • Zippers: YKK highest quality zippers
  • Hardware: Antique finished (nickel free) metal work.
  • Leather: Finest hides water based aniline dyed.
  • Lining: 525 grams Royal blue brushed cotton.
  • Straps: 100% heavy duty band for shoulder strap.